Pre-inventory sale at MM Sports and triceps/biceps/abs/core workout

This afternoon, I visited the MM Sports store who had a pre-inventory sale on their clothes and dietary supplements.


I bought:

1 Better Bodies gym pant (black)

Better Bodies Gym Pant
1 Better Bodies Weight Lifting belt

Better Bodies Weight lifting belt

2 Gasp PRO rib tanks (black)

Gasp PRO rib tank


1 Dcore Bodyfit Singlet Men (Black/White)

Dcore Bodyfit Singlet Men


1 Better Bodies Jersey Gym Tank (999 Black)

Better Bodies Jersey Gym Tank


1 Better Bodies Flex tight tee (Black/Black)


Better Bodies Flex tight tee

1 Better Bodies Mesh Gym Shorts (Black/Grey-986)

Better Bodies Mesh Gym Shorts

2 Body Science 7-Keto (100mg)

Body Science 7-Keto 100st 100mg

2 Body Science L-Glutamine

Body Science Glutamin 99.9% Rent

I have never tried L-glutamine nor 7-Keto before, so it will be interesting to see the eventual results. I will report the results here later on.


After visiting MM Sports, I went to Sportlife Ullevi and did a triceps/biceps/abs/core workout.

It felt good, but I couldn’t find the weight belt, so the Dips exercise didn’t go that well (usually I add 30+ Kg).

Dips:  0 * 30 / 0 * 20 / 0 * 10
Triceps triset: 25 * 6 /  50 * 8 /0 * 20
Biceps curl with dumbbells: 17,5 * 9 / 17,5 * 7 / 17,5 * 5
Biceps Cable Cross-over  curl: 18 * 13 / 22 * 5 / 22 * 6
Crunches with weight plate: 25 * 14 / 25 * 9 / 25 * 6
Plank with leg lift: 132 seconds

In summary a good day and I am ready for an awesome 2012 workout year!!

Fitnessfestivalen 2011

Today, I visited Fitnessfestivalen 2011.
It was awesome watching and chatting with all beautiful people there.


I also did a InBody 720 Body Composition Analysis, and scored great! The tester said that I need to increase my water drinking, but everything else is great.

Total weight: 79,5kg (recalculated w/o clothes), Protein: 14,5kg, Mineral: 5,07kg, Body fat mass: 6,5kg ( (recalculated w/o clothes).



I upgraded my gym outfit with a Better Bodies Flex Tight Tee, Black/Camoprint, two Better Bodies X Rib tank, Black, and two Better Bodies Mesh Gym Pants, Black/Grey.