The Social Hour #37: Facebook gobbles Gowalla, YouTube’s makeover, Jawbone UP review

Today, the show discuss

The makeover of YouTube with a more social integration as it has been integrated with Google+.


Watching The Social Hour 36: Britney owns Google+, @RealTimeWWII,


Short summary of this weeks episode:
Sarah Lane drinks green tea to kick off the week, after getting back from the Thanksgiving celebration.

Millions using YouTube Editor to enhance videos – I’m feeling lucky (attempt to stabalize the darkness and lightness filters)
Great for new users
42.6 Billion videos viewed in U.S. in October.

Google+ – Britney Spears is queen of Google+

@RealTimeWW11 – Twitter account: Live tweets regarding what happened every day during World War 2, as it was happened today.

Zynga – Amber and Lane discuss Zynga and online social games.

Does Apple Suck at Social?

Twitter – Supersimple to change the twitter handle, and still keep your followers. – Mashable – Gourmet food delivered to your door. – The Social Hour 35: Dear Photograph

As usual, I have watched this week’s episode of The Social Hour with Sarah Lane and Amber MacArthur.

Amber and Sarah chat with the founder of Dear Photograph, Taylor Jones.
Dear Photograph is a site that invites people to  ”take a picture of a picture from the past in the present”.


Hunch was sold to Ebay yesterday.
Hunch is a recomendation engine site with great social integration.

Hunch tries to get to know you based on what you like or not like.


Tiny Review – Stripped down reviews about places

Upgraded to the new look of Gmail

I have upgraded to the new look of Gmail.

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Google+ What’s Hot, Ripples, Creative Kit, and available for Google apps customers

Today, Google announces that they are rolling out four new features in Google+ in four different areas.


Google+ What’s Hot -
What are people talking about?

Google+ Ripples -
Visualizes public shares and comments:

Google+ Creative Kit -
Have fun editing your photos

Google Apps customers can now use Google+ -

Finally, all Google Apps customers have access to Google+
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