Spinning Activio 75 minutes

Just returned home from a Activio spinning 75 minutes workout.

Now, I am really tired and it feel like I am falling of the chair any minute =)

The Social Hour #37: Facebook gobbles Gowalla, YouTube’s makeover, Jawbone UP review

Today, the show discuss

The makeover of YouTube with a more social integration as it has been integrated with Google+.


Fitnessfestivalen 2011

Today, I visited Fitnessfestivalen 2011.
It was awesome watching and chatting with all beautiful people there.


I also did a InBody 720 Body Composition Analysis, and scored great! The tester said that I need to increase my water drinking, but everything else is great.

Total weight: 79,5kg (recalculated w/o clothes), Protein: 14,5kg, Mineral: 5,07kg, Body fat mass: 6,5kg ( (recalculated w/o clothes).



I upgraded my gym outfit with a Better Bodies Flex Tight Tee, Black/Camoprint, two Better Bodies X Rib tank, Black, and two Better Bodies Mesh Gym Pants, Black/Grey.

Watching The Social Hour 36: Britney owns Google+, @RealTimeWWII, Munchery.com


Short summary of this weeks episode:
Sarah Lane drinks green tea to kick off the week, after getting back from the Thanksgiving celebration.

Millions using YouTube Editor to enhance videos – I’m feeling lucky (attempt to stabalize the darkness and lightness filters)
Great for new users
42.6 Billion videos viewed in U.S. in October.

Google+ – Britney Spears is queen of Google+

@RealTimeWW11 – Twitter account: Live tweets regarding what happened every day during World War 2, as it was happened today.

Zynga – Amber and Lane discuss Zynga and online social games.

Does Apple Suck at Social?

Twitter – Supersimple to change the twitter handle, and still keep your followers. – Mashable

Munchery.com – Gourmet food delivered to your door.

CrossFit Gothenburg – First visit

Today, I visited CrossFit Gothenburg, for the first time.
I have never tried CrossFit before.

The introduction workout included the following exercises:


* Barbell Front Squats

or Kettlebell Front Squats

* Kettlebell Two Arm Swing

* Ball slam

* 200 meter run

We did 15 – 12 – 9 reps.

Alot of great CrossFit exercises can be found at http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/excercise.html

I really got hooked and will definitively start training CrossFit!

Boston TeaParty.nu celebration preperation


Today, I and Martin prepared for the Boston TeaParty.nu celebration.

We are preparing for the Boston TeaParty.nu on December 16 in Gothenburg city. Please stay tuned for an invitation via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The tea party will start at 6 PM CET with a welcome drink (“sparkling tea”) and time for social intercourse (mingle). Around 6:30 PM, we will make a toast to the Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

Since women often purchased consumer goods for the home, the Daughters of Liberty became instrumental in upholding the boycott, particularly where tea was concerned.


After the toast we will talk about the historical event in Boston and then we will have our own version of “afternoon” (high) tea with a mix of scones, tea sandwiches and Xmas treats, e.g., ginger biscuits. During eating and talking, you will have the opportunity to participate in a fun quiz about Boston and tea. The winners will win tea related prizes.

TeaParty.nu capMartin Lindeskog with TeaParty.nu cap

At 7:30 PM we will announce the winners of the quiz and tell you about our plans for future events. We will then end the tea party and continue the partying at some other place, e.g. a beer cellar, drinking (Samuel Adams) beer…

I also finally got my TeaParty.nu cap, gym bag, and mouse pad =)


Hostgator – My new Web Host

HostGator Black Friday 2011

Today, I decided to choose HostGator as the new web host for most of my web sites.
I bought a business web host subscription using the Black Friday 50% discount.
With my new subscription, I will have unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domains as well as better server performance.
My research has indicated that HostGator has a great service and customer service. I will let this year be a trial of the service.

I will start with moving pallefridsvensson.com and TeaParty.nu to the new web host in the upcoming days.

CrossFit – Inspiration – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

That's how crosfitters do it!

Saw a video with the CrossFit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and got really hooked by her fighting spirit and CrossFit.


Read Ines Subashka interview with Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

What if Zuckerberg deleted Facebook?

Activio Spinning workout 60 minutes

Today, as usual, I went to SportLife Lindholmen for a 60 minutes Activio spinning workout.
Today, there were a lack of  Activio heart rate chest belts, so I trained without a such.
Maybe it was good, since I had to listen even closer to and take note of the signals from my body and my pulse.

I performed somewhat good, not as good as last week, but I am satisfied with my results.