Boston celebration preperation


Today, I and Martin prepared for the Boston celebration.

We are preparing for the Boston on December 16 in Gothenburg city. Please stay tuned for an invitation via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The tea party will start at 6 PM CET with a welcome drink (“sparkling tea”) and time for social intercourse (mingle). Around 6:30 PM, we will make a toast to the Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

Since women often purchased consumer goods for the home, the Daughters of Liberty became instrumental in upholding the boycott, particularly where tea was concerned.

After the toast we will talk about the historical event in Boston and then we will have our own version of “afternoon” (high) tea with a mix of scones, tea sandwiches and Xmas treats, e.g., ginger biscuits. During eating and talking, you will have the opportunity to participate in a fun quiz about Boston and tea. The winners will win tea related prizes. capMartin Lindeskog with cap

At 7:30 PM we will announce the winners of the quiz and tell you about our plans for future events. We will then end the tea party and continue the partying at some other place, e.g. a beer cellar, drinking (Samuel Adams) beer…

I also finally got my cap, gym bag, and mouse pad =)


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