Activio Indoor Cycling 75 minutes

Today, I attended the weekly Activio indoor cycling class as usual. It lasted for 75 minutes instead of 60 minutes.
The workout contained four intervals lasting for 15 minutes each. We mainly kept the heart rate in the yellow zone with both low and high cadence throughout the intervals.

I felt great and strong and managed to peak into the red zone in the end of all intervals. At most, I peaked at 96 percent of my max heart rate.

Captains of Crush #1

Today, I received my Ironmind Captains of Crush #1 gripper bought from MM Sports.

I am not near closing it as of today, but my aim is to workout my grip 3 days a week to develop strenght.
I would by really cool to eventually be a certified #3 closer.

Spinning Activio 75 minutes

Just returned home from a Activio spinning 75 minutes workout.

Now, I am really tired and it feel like I am falling of the chair any minute =)

CrossFit Gothenburg – First visit

Today, I visited CrossFit Gothenburg, for the first time.
I have never tried CrossFit before.

The introduction workout included the following exercises:


* Barbell Front Squats

or Kettlebell Front Squats

* Kettlebell Two Arm Swing

* Ball slam

* 200 meter run

We did 15 – 12 – 9 reps.

Alot of great CrossFit exercises can be found at

I really got hooked and will definitively start training CrossFit!

CrossFit – Inspiration – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

That's how crosfitters do it!

Saw a video with the CrossFit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and got really hooked by her fighting spirit and CrossFit.


Read Ines Subashka interview with Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Activio Spinning workout 60 minutes

Today, as usual, I went to SportLife Lindholmen for a 60 minutes Activio spinning workout.
Today, there were a lack of  Activio heart rate chest belts, so I trained without a such.
Maybe it was good, since I had to listen even closer to and take note of the signals from my body and my pulse.

I performed somewhat good, not as good as last week, but I am satisfied with my results.


BodyCombat – 2nd visit

The BodyCombat workout today ended up quite better than the first one last week.


Today, I attended a BodyCombat class for the first time.
Damn it was intense!! I must have looked pretty funny ;)

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Spinning – 75 minutes Activio

Today, I was at Sportlife Lindholmen doing a 75 minutes long Spinning Activio workout.

The spinning exercise were led by Frida Lantoft which is a very energic, motivating, and happy instructor.
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Workout 2011-10-25

Date: Oct 25, 2011
Name: Back/Triceps/Calf/Abs
Start Time: 07:45 PM
End Time: 09:00 PM
Duration: 01:15
Location: Sportlife Ullevi
Mood: Normal – Not Great But Not Bad


# Exercise Name Set Kg. Reps
1 V-Bar Pulldown #1 63 8
#2 63 8
2 Barbell Deadlift #1 40
#2 0
3 Hyperextensions (Back Extensions) #1 20 10
#2 20 10
when totally extended, I press the weight against the chest
4 Dips – Triceps Version #1 5 9
#2 5 9
5 Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension #1 15 20
#2 20 4
6 Triceps Pushdown – Rope Attachment #1 15 6
#2 15 6
7 Pushups – Close Tricep Position #1 0 8
#2 0 8
8 Lying Leg Curls #1 0 20
#2 0
Lying legs curl with ball
9 Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise #1 25 15
#2 25 15
Weighted Single Leg Calf Raise
10 Weighted Twisting Situp #1 20 8
#2 20 8
plate raised in front against legs, moving around
11 Crunch Up #1 20 8
#2 0
12 Plank #1 0 65
#2 0
13 Hanging on bar #1 0
#2 0

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