The Social Hour #37: Facebook gobbles Gowalla, YouTube’s makeover, Jawbone UP review

Today, the show discuss

The makeover of YouTube with a more social integration as it has been integrated with Google+.


Watching The Social Hour 36: Britney owns Google+, @RealTimeWWII,


Short summary of this weeks episode:
Sarah Lane drinks green tea to kick off the week, after getting back from the Thanksgiving celebration.

Millions using YouTube Editor to enhance videos – I’m feeling lucky (attempt to stabalize the darkness and lightness filters)
Great for new users
42.6 Billion videos viewed in U.S. in October.

Google+ – Britney Spears is queen of Google+

@RealTimeWW11 – Twitter account: Live tweets regarding what happened every day during World War 2, as it was happened today.

Zynga – Amber and Lane discuss Zynga and online social games.

Does Apple Suck at Social?

Twitter – Supersimple to change the twitter handle, and still keep your followers. – Mashable – Gourmet food delivered to your door. – The Social Hour 35: Dear Photograph

As usual, I have watched this week’s episode of The Social Hour with Sarah Lane and Amber MacArthur.

Amber and Sarah chat with the founder of Dear Photograph, Taylor Jones.
Dear Photograph is a site that invites people to  ”take a picture of a picture from the past in the present”.


Hunch was sold to Ebay yesterday.
Hunch is a recomendation engine site with great social integration.

Hunch tries to get to know you based on what you like or not like.


Tiny Review – Stripped down reviews about places

Halloween and Birthday Celebration

This weekend, I have visited my family in Löddeköpinge, celebrating halloween and my 31th birthday.

I love visit the sweet poodle Leo, since he always learn new stuff every time I visit him. This time, he managed to learn to, and enjoy, standing with all four feets on my arm (like Ulrik used to do). Leo is 5 years old now, but I remember him when he was a puppy:

(Leo and Ulrik September 4, 2006)

Leo is the grey poddle, and Ulrik is the white one.
Cute, aren’t they?

Apart from meeting my family, I have also read Isabella Löwengrip‘s book Egoboost! – Blondinbellas överlevnadsguide för unga tjejer

In the book, Isabella tells us about her life as a young girl in Sweden, why and how she developed strategies for surviving and be strong, and advices other young girls how to survive and develop strong and independent egos.

The book is easily read, and I recommend every young woman to read it and get inspired.

Right now, I am viewing TWiT Live – This Week in Tech Episode 325 at


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