Nameday of January 3: Jennifer (as in Jennifer Peterson aka Cuppa Countess)

Today, we celebrate the nameday of Jennifer with a salute to the tea entrepreneur Jennifer Peterson (aka Cuppa Countess).
A Oolong tea blend will be named after Jennifer by

Nameday of January 2: Carl (as in Carl Von Linné or Carl Linnaeus)

Today, I am celebrating the contributions of Carl Von Linné with a nameday and a special tea blend.
Linné tried to import and grow Camellia Sinensis (Chinese tea plant)  in Sweden, but never succeeded.

Nameday of January 1: Aristotle

I have started of the new year with a new project/business called

We will present a custom nameday calendar connected to a new tea blend each day.

Aristotle is the name that kicks of this new year. Aristotle was a greek philosopher and one of the most influencing figures when it comes to the establishment of the Western philosophy.

To celebrate Aristotle, we have decided to dedicate a special tea blend to him.