WebCoast 2012

I have had a really great weekend at the unconference WebCoast, learning alot and met many new friends!

Some of the topics I learned:

How to market with the use of APIs


(“Marknadsföring med och genom APIer” – Annika Lidne @annika – Disruptive Media)

(“En guidad tur genom API-Sverige” – Andreas Krohn @andreaskrohn – Mashup.se)

How the lists #svenskatwitter and #twitterbarometern was developed

(“Twitterlistan – en lista som inte skulle bli en lista” – Sarah Johansson @sarahsmind – Aitellu)

How to market web services

Zentreprenurship – how to develop entrepreneurial personal leadership

(Zentreprenör – hur må bra i längden?” – Anna Hass – @glimra – Expressiva)

LUCK concept
(Johan Lange – @johanlange)

Digital Styling
(Linda Eriksson – @lindapling – Xelera)

Disruptive Leap – the model and how it can be used to develop companies, society and personal leadership

The need for #unplugging from the social media flow