Legs, chest and shoulder weight training with PT Effie Tagaras

Today I had a really great weight training with my personal trainer Effie Tagaras.
Before excersise, I took a Celsius Orange drink.
For the legs, we did Back Barbell Squats, super sets of Leg Extension and Dumbell Walking Lunge, as well as Squat Jumps.

For the chest and shoulders, we did super sets of Bench Press and Shoulder Flies, as well as Standing Cable Chest Flies and Lying Dumbbell Reverse flies.

After the exercise, I was completely emptied of all energy resources and almost couldn’t walk home. I took a protein drink including hamp protein (never tried before, but tasted great), soy protein, L-Glutamate and 7-Keto.

I really appreciate that Effie is so great at coaching me beyond the limits of my mind!!



Squat: 97.5 * 6 / 97.5 * 7 / 97.5 * 8

Leg Extension: 94,5 * 10 / 94.5 * 8 / 94.5 * 7
Dumbell Walking Lunge: +6 /+6 / +6

Squat Jumps: 10 / 10 / 10
Bench Press: 60 * 9 / 60 * 9 / 60 * 9
Shoulder Flies: 10 * 7 / 8 * 9 / 8 * 7

Standing Cable Chest Flies: 36 *7 / 36 * 7 / 36 * 5

Reversed Flies: 6 * 7 / 6 * 7 / 4 * 10

New 3-split strenght training schedule

Back home after a great strength training workout with my awesome PT Effie Tagaras at Sportlife Ullevi.

She knows the tricks to outsmart my strong traps that tries to make my shoulders shrug all the time during the exercises.

Today we split up the strength training schedule to 3 days, instead of 2.

Now, drinking my chocolate soy protein shake and eating bread with mushroom paté, sunflower seeds, and LOTS of alfalfa sprouts. Yummy!!!



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Training – Week 42

Monday -Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Back, Triceps, Abs – and a modified training program together with my PT Effie Tagaras at Sportlife Ullevi

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest

Saturday – RPM™l 50 min Sportlife Domkyrkan

Sunday – Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Biceps – 3h Powerwalk
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